The CPL Championship: Dota 2 Edition & FIFA15 Edition

The Cyberathelete Professional League (CPL) Championship will be presenting 2 of the official game titles, Dota 2 and FIFA 15 at Campus Game Fest this year!


Proudly organised by Asterisk*, the CPL Championship: Dota 2 Edition is Singapore’s first ever overnight Dota 2 tournament! The winner of the tournament will stand to win an exclusive artwork by popular Dota 2 fanart illustrator Rachta Lin! With up to 64 slots and $3000 total cash prize up for grabs, gather your team and sign up now! Registration fee is $25 per team and participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment (mouse, keyboard and headset). Not to mention, there will be 3 talented local casters invited to shoutcast the exciting matches on rotating shifts throughout all 3 days for the CPL Dota2 Championship! Check out the casters.

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The CPL Championship is excited to present its FIFA15 Edition with a total cash prize pool of $1000 and exclusive medals to be won! The tournament is proudly organised by Kickers Singapore and registration is only $10 per person! Slots are capped at 128 and are on first-come-first-serve basis!

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