The CPL Championship Dota 2 Edition 2017 is now on!

The Cyberathelete Professional League is proud to announce that with the support of one of the PC gaming brand, Predator, the CPL Championship Dota 2 Edition will be held this year at the annual Campus Game Fest event in ITE College Central!

Players will go through a series of qualifying rounds online over the next few weeks leading up to the tournament. The top 8 surviving teams will then proceed to the live finals to complete for the championship. The winning team of the tournament will represent Singapore in the ASIA PACIFIC PREDATOR LEAGUE 2018 to be held in Indonesia Jakarta. Registration is for free.

The online qualifiers is to be held on the 5th & 11th of November 2017. Those who have fought through will compete in the offline quarters to finals on the 18th & 19th of November 2017.

First Placing: S$1,500 + Represent Singapore in the ASIA PACIFIC PREDATOR LEAGUE 2018, in Indonesia Jakarta

Second Placing: S$1,000

Third Placing: S$500

Game Format:

Online Qualifiers – Best of 3 Single Elimination. Top four teams from group stage A and B will emerge to play at Campus Game Fest on 18th & 19th November 2017.
Offline Quarter Finals – Best of 1, double elimination
Offline Upper & Lower Bracket Finals – Best of 3
Offline Grand Finals – Best of 3

General Rules:

– Each team is entitled to a maximum of 6 players. (5players + 1Sub)
– Every player should have a updated Dota 2 steam account. Borrowing of account is strictly prohibited.
– In the event a team is unable to participate on a stipulated timing during qualifiers, the gaming admin will try to rearrange another time with the consensus of the opponent team. However, if the match is a selected game for streaming, a rearrangement will not be possible. Upon bracket release, teams have 48hours to revert if any rearrangements is required.
– Any form of cheat is strictly prohibited including of any abuse of bug.
– The decision of the gaming admin/referee is final in the event of unforseen circumstances. Appeals are only accepted on a case to case basis.
– Spectators in the lobby is not allowed.
– No change of players will be allowed once the set has started.
– Official communication channel during the online qualifiers is Discord.
– CGF reserves the right to change the rules and regulations in the tourney.
– The tournament is open up to the first 32 teams that sign up on a first come first serve basis.
– Travel Dates of the ASIA PACIFIC PREDATOR LEAGUE 2018 will be released on a later date. In the event the winning team is unable to travel on the scheduled dates, the organiser(s) reserve the right to send the next qualifying winner.

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