Beginning of the Annual National Digital Arts Championship!

Based on the success of last year’s Minecraft Creative Competition produced by CPL during Campus Game Fest 2016, this lead to the beginning of the annual National Digital Arts Championship (NDAC). The NDAC is also produce by the Cyberathelete Professional League at its very first year which will be hosted in Campus Game Fest this year at ITE College Central. Supported by the Inter-Ministry Cyberwellness Steering Committee (ICSC), this championship is focused on promoting cyberwellness and creativity of youth via an art competition utilising digital technology and medium. This vision is to be the premium edutainment creativity championship reaching out to all youth and gaming enthusiasts in Singapore.

A vast number of teams will be gathering together in threes, to compete for the tournament championship. A two and a half hours training programme will be provided to the student to educate them on the necessary skills like team work, creative thinking and communications. To increase the challenge this year, students will need to incorporate the White Rabbit related elements into their design and still make it look fantastic. The White Rabbit Creamy Candy will be supporting the NDAC with a special creative prize for the incorporation of these elements.

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