The National Education Gaming Championship Returns!


The National Education Gaming Championship (NEGC) is proud to return to Campus Game Fest for its second year in 2015!

What is the National Education Gaming Championship (NEGC)?

The National Education Gaming Championship (NEGC) is an inter-school gaming competition organised by the Ministry of Defence, supported by the Ministry of Education, and produced by The Cyber Professional League. It offers students an opportunity to learn about the 3rd Generation Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and its capabilities in a fun and engaging way.

What is the official game used in NEGC?

Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) is the official game used in NEGC, and is currently used by the SAF for training. VBS2 provides a virtual environment for players to go through a wide range of military scenarios from a first-person shooter perspective. The players will get to try out many weapons used in the SAF, such as the Singapore Assault Rifle 21, Section Automatic Weapon, General Purpose Machine Gun and Man-portable Anti-Tank, Anti-DooR (MATADOR).

Apart from the SAF, VBS2 is currently used by other militaries including the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the Australian Defence Force, and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence for mission rehearsal, tactical training and simulated combined arms exercises.

Why is NEGC being organised?

NEGC is an engaging way for youth to find out about SAF and its capabilities, ranging from what it takes to be a fighting fit soldier to the technological capabilities of the 3rd Generation SAF. Through playing VBS2, participants not only have fun but learn that teamwork, having a healthy competitive spirit and fulfilling their individual roles are key factors in winning the game. Participants also grow to appreciate that you cannot own what you cannot defend.

Additionally, the competition is a positive platform for youths to meet new like-minded friends while taking a break from school work during the June holidays.

Who can compete?

NEGC is open to all Secondary School, ITE, Junior College/Centralised Institute/Integrated Programme and Polytechnic students. All participating teams are required to undergo a four hour training session which covers the following topics:

  • How to play VBS2
  • The importance of defence and the SAF’s role in keeping Singapore safe and secure
  • Working together as a team
  • Leadership skills

What is the Team Composition for competing in NEGC?

Schools must form a team of 10 members in order to compete. Each member will take up a specific role within a reinforced “Infantry Section” that includes the Platoon Commander, the Platoon Sergeant and Combat Medic. Only a single team is allowed to participate from each school.

Is there a code of conduct that teams must observe during the competition?

Apart from the rules of the game and competition, teams are reminded that behaviour that amounts to unfair play and conduct signifying lack of sportsmanship could result in disqualification. These include:

  • Use of any hacking software.
  • Provocative, offensive, threatening or vulgar/lewd conduct to other competitors, organisers and/or members of the public.

How does a team win?

During each round, each team will either attack or defend a target building. The round is won by either eliminating the opponent’s team, or capturing/defending the building within a time limit. Teams will have to play both the defending and attacking roles in a match. The team that wins the most number of rounds wins the match.

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