The CPL partners to provide best of eSport action on YY Video Channels and YY gaming platform!


For the first time in eSports history, an eSport event will be broadcasted live on a highly interactive video channel platform. The CPL will be partnering with the Nasdaq listed to provide eSports content to the global viewers.

The state of the art video channel platform allows real time online interaction between the shoutcasters and thousands to millions of viewers while the match is being broadcasted. The CPL and is also putting together the most luxurious Chinese shoutcasting team from the various popular YY esports video channels to give the viewers a totally new experience of watching eSports action.

For the CPL DOTA Championship, the CPL will be utilizing the state of the art YY gaming platform for the DOTA online qualifier which provides a highly fast and low lag experience for the gamers across China.

The partnership between the CPL and will be a new milestone in the eSports history where the best of eSports action teams up with the most advance entertainment platform ever to give the gaming community a unique experience !!

More exciting news regarding the Shenyang CPL Championship will be coming soon, so stay tune !!

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