CPL2012 Starcraft II 2nd Round of Qualifiers

The second round of Qualifying matches for the CPL2012 Starcraft II Project ups the bar in the competition as JIM continues to dominate, while the other tournament favourites such as XiGua face setbacks.

JIM, together with way, loner, and toodming make it seemingly easy as they trounce over their opponents in the 2nd Round of the CPL2012 Starcraft II Project. However, XiGua was defeated in an exciting game by Xluos. On a similar note, tournament favourite 91 brother also lost in his match with Tensai. Meanwhile, in the lovecd vs. Yao match, Yao prevailed as lovecd called GG in the mid-game.

In this screenie taken in the match between Agfoxjianghu and MacSed, wherein the former was forced to call GG around the 9-minute mark:


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