CPL Shenyang 2013 Prize presentation and Closing ceremony

After an intense of 3 days of competition, the 2013 CPL Champions are born. For the Defense of the Ancients, the newly crowned China CPL DOTA Champion is Team Greedy. For the newly crowned CPL SC2 Champion, the 2012 defending Champion iG.Xy was not in form and lost out early in the second round. 2011 Champion Prime.MarineKing made it all the way to the finals to face off with iG.Jim but was not successful to reclaim back the Champion position. iG.Jim played a Good Game and became the newly crowned 2013 CPL SC2 Champion. Congratulations to all the winners. We will see you all again in the 2014 edition of China-Shenyang CPL Championship !!

Final results:

1) Defense of the Ancient
Champion:            cnflagRMB 50,000 Greedy
Runners up:         cnflagRMB 20,000 Tss
2nd runners up:  cnflag RMB 10,000 DT
3rd runners up:   cnflag RMB 5,000 Destiny

2) Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Champion :         cnflag $3,500 USD iG.Jim
Runners up :      korea $2,000 USD Prime.MarineKing
2nd runners up:   france $1,000 USD XMG.ToD

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