CPL logos through the years

With September creeping up or somewhat fast approaching or whatever, everybody’s gone into nostalgia mode, isn’t it so? Maybe it’s high time for us to bring back some of the good memories with CPL’s logos – old and new.

Play Hard Go PRO Triple banner.jpg

The Cyberathlete Professional League has certainly gone a long way; from its humble beginnings in 1997 up to now in 2012. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, certainly; so bring out that bottle of brandy as we sift through the CPL logos through the years:

CPL_AD_42 CPL_1_by_roscothemidget2 news_1256771751431 CPL_wallaper_by_GSRI1 cpl_by_naits1

Nostalgia might be a bit addictive, so better not get hung up with it too much, right? Let’s live in the now and look forward. CPL 2012 is coming folks! Now, how about our logo for September? Mysterious… Stay tuned to CPL for more updates!


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